Election Candidacy Agreement

Election Candidacy Agreement
Talidandaganu’ Lodge 293

Dear Lodge Officer Candidates and Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for wanting to serve as a lodge or chapter officer for the upcoming year. Serving as an officer is a unique and exciting opportunity. The success of the lodge depends on each officer, and their appointed adviser, to make a commitment of their time, talent, and energy. If you have any questions or are unsure about what will be asked of you as an officer, please talk with one of the current officers or advisers before completing this form.

This form is meant to make sure that each candidate has the support and understanding of their parents/guardians before making a commitment to serve as a lodge officer. This is a crucial part of ensuring the success of every officer. Each Lodge Officer is expected to do the following:

  1.  Attend ALL scheduled Lodge events and the Section SR-6 Conclave.
  2. Regularly communicate with their adviser, chairmen, and other officers throughout the year.
  3. In consultation with your adviser, create goals, milestones, budget, and a backdated calendar for the position you were elected.
  4. Meet the goals and milestones that you set.
  5. Help recruit, train, and lead lodge members in carrying out the lodge’s year round program.
  6. Officers are expected to attend and participate in a limited number of other meetings, planning sessions, and special projects throughout the lodge year, especially throughout the fall of the current year as we plan the new year. Dates for these meeting will be set by the new officers.
  7. Set the example by correctly wearing a full Class A uniform.
  8. Conduct themselves at all times according to the highest standards of the Scout Oath, Law, and OA Obligation.

The success of the OA Lodge is dependent on active, engaged officers. Each officer will have an experienced adult adviser assigned to him to work as a team with their officer. Advisers in the OA are experienced Scouters who enjoy volunteering their time to mentor motivated Arrowmen. Advisers train, coach, and guide their officers to complete assigned duties that exceed what is normally asked of young men in high school or college. Lodge officers are expected to diligently work with their adviser, their fellow officers and chairmen, and with other Arrowmen.

Service as a lodge officer is not for everyone. Lodge Officers are expected to be able to budget their time between school, family. religious and other responsibilities with what is required of them as a lodge officer. A great many officers have served with distinction and managed their other responsibilities well. Since the effective operation of a Lodge with over 200 members depends on each Lodge Officer, any officer who finds that he cannot keep up with the duties above or balance these duties with other commitments and obligations will be expected to resign or will be removed from office.

Download the Election Candidacy Agreement Form [Updated August 2016]