Talidandaganu’ #293 Lodge Forms

Medical Form

Here is a link to the BSA website containing the medical form you should bring with you to each OA event. Complete Parts A and B annually. Both parts are required for all events that do not exceed 72 consecutive hours, where the level of activity is similar to that normally expended at home or at school, such as day camp, day hikes, swimming parties, or an overnight camp, and where medical care is readily available. Part C is required with Parts A and B for any event that exceeds 72 consecutive hours, or when the nature of the activity is strenuous and demanding, such as a high-adventure trek. Service projects or work weekends may also fit this description (including Ordeal weekends). If you have any questions, email the Lodge Adviser or Staff Advisor.

Ordeal Candidates

Congratulations! Your fellow Scouts have seen you exemplify the Scout Oath and Law and for this they have nominated you to be a candidate for Ordeal membership in the Order of the Arrow. Click the following link to download the Ordeal Candidate letter that explains what to do to complete your membership into the Order of the Arrow.


Ordeal Candidate Letter

Founder’s Award Form

The prestigious Founders Award is presented annually to those members of the Order who, for their dedication and support, have given outstanding service to the Order of the Arrow above and beyond the call of the admonition. The Founders Award is open to all lodge members, and is not restricted to those who have given past service, or received vigil. To be eligible, a Founders award recipient is an active member of the OA.

Founders Award Form [Updated August 2016]

Vigil Nomination Form

If you know someone that you’d like to nominate for the Vigil honor, please visit the Vigil Honor page.

Forms for Troop Elections

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